Shortcodes are always a useful tool. That's why the framework adds some built-in tools to help add them! There's a couple steps to adding shortcodes.

  • Registering shortcodes
  • Processing shortcodes

To add a shortcode, use the function window.theme.registerShortcode(shortcodeTag, callback). the variable shortcodeTag is the tag you'll use when you add your shortcode when editing a page/post. Your callback should have one parameter. This is for the shortcode settings - an object with all parameters passed in the shortcode. For example, say we have the shortcode [my-test date=12/10/2018 id=735][/my-test], the settings object will look like the following:

    date: '12/10/2018',
    id: 735

Shortcode callbacks should return the content that goes in its place, that's it. One other note: as of the current version, the shortcodes MUST have a closing tag, otherwise it won't parse the content correctly.

To use shortcodes, simply use the function window.theme.processShortcodes(content). It will return the new content that's been processed by all registered shortcodes.

Here's an example of registering a shortcode, and then handling the callback: